Tedner can take on your tendering activities. We provide a number of services to this end, which we describe below. Would you like to ask us a question that is outside of one of our services? Then please contact us, so that together we can investigate how Tedner can contribute to your ‘Contract happiness’.


Tender spotting

How do I find suitable tenders? Where should I look and what should I do when I find it? These questions preoccupy many entrepreneurs and Tedner is happy to help them along the way: we call it ‘tender spotting’.

Tender spotting is our service for entrepreneurs who wish to work for the government, but do not have the time to search out the right project up for tender. With tender spotting you are always informed of the latest and most suitable European tenders. Tender spotting has various forms of subscription, so that there is always one that matches your situation.

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Tender management

Many entrepreneurs would like to compete for a tender, but they often lack the time and knowledge to do it successfully. Tedner takes on this task for them: we call it ‘tender management’.

We do this in close collaboration with our client and experience shows that us taking 80% of the work off your hands significantly increases the chance of winning the bid. So it’s a smart investment.

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Some aspects of the tendering process require specialist knowledge. There are the legal aspects, for example, the commercial possibilities or the efforts that increase the chance of success.

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Many aspects of the tendering process require specialist knowledge, for example, the legal aspects or efforts that lead you to finding the right partners; knowledge that you as a public authority may not have in house and for which you call in the assistance of an expert. That expert is Tedner.

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Guiding the tendering process

Tedner guides the tendering process with government agencies. Starting with the drafting and description of the question, the preparation of a program of requirements, exploration of the market, up to to the awarding of the contract.

We do this in close collaboration with our client and experience shows that we take more than 80% of the work the client’s hands. Your employees can stay focused on their actual work and we ensure a successful tendering process.

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Contract management

The contract is the conclusion of the tendering process. Two organisations agree to work together and seal this with a contract.

The contract also forms the first step towards ‘Contract happiness’, to a collaboration that benefits both parties: a win-win situation.

Contract management is a collective name for all efforts that lead to the agreement also delivering actual ‘Contract happiness’. Do suppliers keep to the agreements made? Do the contracts comply with changes in society, legislation or mutual relationships? Tedner takes care of it. Tedner delivers ‘Contract happiness’.

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