Take a look through on Tedner Frequently Frequently Asked Questions here.
If you have further questions about tendering that aren’t answered below, you can contact us on +31708871625 or info@tedner.com 

      1. Can Tedner guarantee client in wining their tenders?
        Yes, we can define and execute a strategy to win for each client.
      2. What are the benefit of e-procurement to entrepreneurs?
        Less paperwork.
      3. Where do you get your tender notices?
        From hundreds of governmental websites worldwide.
      4. How are the tenders evaluated?
        According to the award criteria by the evaluation committee of the tendering authority.
      5. What are Tedner’s lowest services fee?
        Our tender spotting service for entrepreneurs start with a fee of 5 euro per month.
      6. Is their any money back guarantee with your tender spotting services?
        If a client is not satisfied he may cancel his subscription at any time.
      7. Are tenders for other states advertised on this site?
        The Tedner website does not publish tender notices. We have other websites that we track for our clients.
      8. Why Tedner?
        Through our specialized expertise and our practical know how we assure our customers (both from the government and from the business side) that we are on top of tenders for them. Our clients provide their goals, we do the rest.
      9. Why contract happiness?
        We strongly believe that each contract can only be viable if there is a win for both sides. There should be a balance to keep both sides happy.
      10. Why should we join Tedner?
        It’s your gateway to contract happiness. For private clients this means guaranteed business development. For public clients it means working partnerships that reach public goals.
      11. How much data do I need to provide on contract award criteria?
        It depends on which side you are acting: the governmental side or the business side. It is also depends on the industry and how the ratio between quality and price is.
      12. What rules and regulations should I be aware of in Tedner Contract Happiness?
        Government tenders are regulated to ensure non-discrimination, equality, transparancy and to prevent corruption. Therefor there are both international laws (by the World Trade Organization, European Union and the United Nations for instance) and national laws in each country that we track.
      13. What are the Tedner’s criteria for a company to qualify for tenders?
        This also strongly depends on the tendering authority and the subject of the tender. Each industry has different standards on quality and good behaviour. Past performance and exprience are important too.
      14. Can procurement timescales be shortened where notices and contract documentation are transmitted electronically?
        Yes, this can lower the time needed to execute a tender with 1 or 2 weeks.
      15. If we avail tender management, how long will it takes for you to deliver contract happiness?
        It depend on the conditions you are in momentarily.
      16. How much detail should I include in my proposal?
        You should make it SMART (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and timephased) and it should not exceed the maximum number of pages that is indicated. On avarage we are talking about 10 pages that define the race.
      17. What qualifications or accreditations do I need to bid for public sector tenders?
        Experience in your line of work, quality management, no criminal record are standard requirements.
      18. How much does Tedner tender services cost and how can I pay?
        If you mean that we act immediately for you we have to make special arrangements. You can pay by credit card or Paypal.
      19. How much does Tedner Contract Happiness cost and how can I pay?
        It strongly depends on the size of the contracts that you are aiming at.
      20. What is Tedner’s cancellation policy?
        For monthly subscriptions there is a month notice period for cancellation.
      21. Why Tedners Contract Happiness better than other services?
        No one is as specialized as we are on both sides: the public and the private side are among our customers.
      22. Where can I get more information or ask a question in relation to the tendering process?
        If you don’t hire us for that to ask the questions, there is usually an e-mail address and phone number of the tendering authority involved.
      23. How much does it cost to submit a bid?
        It can varrvy depending on the tender, from 1000 euro till 1.000.000 euro covering all internal and external time and resources.
      24. What can I do if my bid is being rejected for unfair reason?
        Leave it to our professional lawyers to challenge the decision.
      25. What are the things we need to prepare for bidding?
        You have to know what you want and what you have got already. From there you can develop a strategy together with us.
      26. How do I explore tender notifications at http://www.tedner.com/?
        There aren’t any. This is reserved for our clients.
      27. What is unique about tenders from Tedner Contract Happiness?
        Working for the governmental side our aim is to create a fair game that is won by the most convincing tenderer. The best solution available in the market world wide. Working for the private side we are focused to prepare the winning offer.
      28. What kind of Information is available in Tedner Contract Happiness for a specific tender?
        If you give us your specifications, we can start looking for you. But if you found it yourself no problem, since after the spotting our added value really comes to the table.
      29. How do I apply for bidding?
        Find a suitable opportunity, present your qualifications, your added value, state your price and start waiting
      30. Can I send in my proposal by fax?
        Fax is getting less common. Proposals are delivered by courier or online.