How to win government contracts and build long-term client relationships with the government?

Many entrepreneurs dream of having large clients. Interestingly enough, the government is often that customer. Rightly so, because working for the government has considerable advantages. It is a reliable customer, they always pay, they’re a pearl in your portfolio and they carry out socially relevant projects. Projects that matter. They are a great foundation for the continuity of your business.

Even so, it seems almost impossible for many companies to gain a foothold with the government. Entrepreneurs see major problems when it comes to working with the government. They see the government as a cumbersome organisation, whose project paperwork is more important than its execution. That is understandable, but not always justified.

Tedner helps entrepreneurs in their desire to start up a long-term collaboration with the government. We do this in a number of steps, which begin by defining your exact question, through selecting the correct tender and providing support during the execution of your project.

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