A harbour seemed to be becoming less attractive for pleasure excursions by a decreasing depth and a maintenance backlog in relation to the infrastructural facilities on the quay. Our input enabled the parties involved to find the optimal mix of price and quality for a rush job through an integrated UAV-GC contract.


We told an international player in the communications industry about an interesting question from the Cypriot tourist office. With our input, the right chord could be struck for this the tender for the tourist office of Cyprus.


Through a tender, a combination of parties was selected for the authentication software system for digital access to the government for 10 million citizens.


A headhunter had no experience with tenders. Although he was “only” a sole trader, he still won a strategic advisory assignment as a Lean Six Sigma consultant for a medium-sized municipality.


Achieved cooperation with the right engineering agency for a municipality, through a European tender. Result: subsequently involved in the competitive dialogue to realise the design and construct contract for a movable bridge over the Rhine.

Clean sheet

A cleaning company had no experience with tenders, but wanted to acquire the municipal council as a client. Working closely with this company, we did 80% of the work and the customer specified the bandwidth of the tender. Result: a contract was acquired for several years.

Diplomatic result

For the Department of Foreign Affairs, a European call to tender was held to realise a collaboration with the best PR agency for the celebration of 400 years of relations between New York and the Netherlands; main challenges: different jurisdictions, different markets, different requirements between the US and NL. Result: selected as the best match for the job by all stakeholders.

Exceeded expectations

A consulting firm had been waiting for the new tender of the largest ministry in terms of personnel for years already. When that came through, as a result of our input their submission for an EU tender acquired this major account for a period of four years. Objective: win at least one of the two plots. Result: winning both plots and therefore the preferred supplier for a potential turnover of millions.